07 February 2009

Chameleon Humor

Right now I am downstairs with #s 2 & 3 watching a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD while #1 and 3 of her friends are upstairs at the birthday party.  The party this year is a cooking party so #1 and 3 of her friends are each making a heart shaped chocolate cake.  If #s 2 & 3 were with them, er, forget about it. Pictures later this evening or tomorrow afternoon.

While I have a minute I wanted to share another experiment.  

This morning I took #2 to his first soccer practice.  The league #2 is in is an instructional league. A soccer guru teaches skills and all of the parents work with their kids.  Despite having never played soccer within three minutes I was made a soccer coach.  Although I have never played I have watched several soccer matches in my day and know a thing or two about the sport.  As the kids practiced dribbling I overheard a couple of dads talking about how the Boston Celtics need to pick up one more player.  

Reader, I have not watched a pro-basketball game since the late 1980s.  All of my basketball memories come from this era only.   

I moseyed over to the two dads and said rather forcefully:  I heard on ESPN last night that the Celtics were going to sign Deltef Schrempf.  One dad looked at me and asked "really? no foolin? He must be 45 years old"  I had to admit I was only pulling his leg but get this Mr. Schrempf is 45, how did that dad know that?  Mr. Shrempf has not played professional basketball since 2001.  

I know this is similar to the Folgers gag, but it is well worth adapting to whatever situation or conversation you happen to be in.  Another example to prime the pump: You overhear someone or are talking with someone about a new movie that is being produced about oh let us say George Bush.  At that moment you say I hear they are casting Ed Asner as George Bush.  

Prediction for this afternoon's game:  Marshall 75, Tulane 67.

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