04 February 2009

Recent Developments

1.  Snow fall accumulation from last night: 5 inches.  I thought I could get by with just shoveling the walk, nope I had to fire up the Gravely and have at it.  

2.  Does anyone know of any surefire cure of purging the Sound of Music soundtrack out of one's head?  Those songs are driving me crazy.  It is so bad that the other day at the gym, instead of singing along with The Clash I found myself singing sew a needle pulling thread, jam a burst of shine red or something like that.  

3.  On Saturday the family and I went down to the Winter Farm Market at Hope Artiste Village.  Thankfully the market is inside, warm and roomy.  We like to go there to get apples, eggs, and coffee.  That particular day I had #3 on my shoulders and went up to the coffee provider and tried out my Folgers request once again.  I knew the man humanning the booth was a no nonsense guy, cha-ching.  I walked up perused the selections and asked do you have any of these that taste like Folgers.  The man looked at me, did not blink, and responded: NO.  
While I am on the topic of coffee...I picked up the French Roast but when I got home I wondered if it is safe to call it French Roast or am I to still call in Freedom Roast?  I have yet to get the memo from headquarters telling me which way to go.

4.  I do not know how much I am able to divulge but this semester I will be working with a group of college seniors in their marketing seminar.  More information forthcoming.  I am presenting the problems of marketing a moderate-liberal Baptist congregation in the age today.  The students will be working with me on proper questions and possible avenues of exploration.

5.  While reading some Heschel (The Sabbath) for an upcoming sermon "A Sunday Kind of Love" I was reminded how enjoyable it is to read Heschel just for the enjoyment of reading Heschel.  The higher goal of spiritual living is not to amass a wealth of information, but to face sacred moments.  

6.  I can officially say I have lost my initial aura concerning facebook.  But I have and do enjoy catching up with folk I have known since pre-school.

7.  Props to Neal Conan, host of Talk of the Nation on NPR.  Yesterday's show focused on the culture wars in America.  A caller from Iowa, I believe, called in to rant about homosexuality and gay marriage.  The caller attempted to equate pedophilia with homosexuality but Mr. Conan would not allow the caller to do so and bluntly told the caller that he was wrong.  I appreciated Mr. Conan handling of the moment yesterday.  


Rev. Elihu Smails III said...

I envy your snow! It's supposed to get closed to 50 here in the next few days. Nothing worse weather and landscape wise than a bare prairie in the dead of winter.

G. Travis Norvell said...

It reached 60 on Monday, I wore shirts and a t-shirt; I showed winter who is boss.

Rev. Elihu Smails III said...

At least you have water and other interesting things to look at in Rhode Island...