29 April 2008

Wright's call for Katallagete

I watched with much anticipation the Bill Moyers interview of The Rev'd Jeremiah Wright on Friday night, loved it.  I watched the ministries he helped birth and nurture, listened to his breadth of knowledge and marveled at the woven tapestry of his sermons.  I looked at the VOR and said that man has courage, I mean it.  The man has courage to preach the sermons he preaches and to conduct the ministries he does.  He is a man who firmly believes God has some good news to share.  He is a man who firmly believes God aint finished with humanity.  

Perhaps that is the big issue here.  Americans are used to Pat Roberston and Jerry Fallwell spouting off judgments about our sinful behavior, but when someone from the theological left does it, most folk do not know how to react - especially the press corps, I could easily tell most reporters had no idea about the contents of the black prophetic tradition.

I applaud Wright's call to katallagete, it is our only hope.

Perhaps the only reasonable report I have yet to read is this one.

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