28 April 2008


This afternoon I finished #20, Spiritual Preparation for Christian Ministry by E. Glenn Hinson. Most if not all of the book was a recapitulation of Hinson's spirituality classes he developed during his tenure as a professor.  When he came to BTSR he developed a spirituality program for Baptist school as a model for future educational systems.  

I think the northern schools have yet to fully appreciate his vision, see the Mothership and ANTS as specific examples. 

For a fair amount of time I contemplated being a monk, it was not until a Catholic priest (who wanted me to become Catholic) gave me a copy of Weavings and pointed out the presence of E in the board of directors section did I give up the monk idea.  I thought wow, a Baptist who brought a contemplative approach to his teaching.  

Off to BTSR I went.  I loved E and soaked up all of his thoughts.  But I do not think I fully appreciated him until I finished this book.  Thanks E.

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