02 April 2008

UCC ad in the NY Times, Polls, the Englands

While reading the Times this morning I noticed this full page ad placed by the UCC.  At first I thought what an interesting ad, but the more I thought about it, it appeared to me the ad was a shotty attempt to use the controversy of Jeremiah Wright for the gain of the UCC.  I think a better ad would have been a full coat of arms support of Trinity UCC and the prophetic ministry of Jeremiah Wright.  

Latest RCP polls have Obama slicing Clinton's lead in the Keystone state in half.  

This morning the kids were talking about the American Revolution and how George Washington had to fight against "the Englands." I mentioned that perhaps there were options for non-violence.  They looked at me with a quizzical look.  We have done a good job parenting stressing how violence is wrong, but I haven't done a good enough job yet on teaching non-violence.  One of the areas I keep discovering is non-violent parenting.   If peace is to reign then there have to be small, incremental, ground up practices of peace - primarily in parenting and in relationships with others.  

Bruce in Carolina, if you still view this blog, hope you liked the Billy Joe video.

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