29 April 2008


The other day a package arrived from my uncle who lives in California, it was an Orthodox Study Bible.  I was caught off guard by this gift and its beauty.  My uncle is still RCC but faithfully attends an Orthodox church.  Interesting the OT is a translation of the Septuagint or LXX while the NT is simply the King James.  
#1 also made us a Happy May card the other day.  I was touched by her detail, especially the white reflective parts on the balloon.

Last week I took #2 to story time at the Library, afterwards I was talking to a British ex-pat mom and asked her for a good Yorkshire Pudding recipe.  I never knew about this dish till I watched a BBC episode with the loud and foul mouth chef.  My mouth was watering with anticipation.  The ex-pat did have a fine recipe she emailed the VOR, but then the children's librarian overheard our conversation and told me about her husband's British origins - she not only brought a recipe but the special tins to cook the pudding in.  This Sunday we are cooking it.

Finally, this Sunday the VOR made one of my new favorite meals: Pinto beans and cornbread. As a kid my father always tried to push me to eat beans, but I wouldn't. He would say ah come on, they are just baby potatoes. But since dad's death I try to eat some of the foods he ate. Now I love PB and Cornbread. I put a slab of country ham in the beans and watch them simmer. The SEVN joined us for dinner, they did not seem to mind the overt ham aroma or flavor...

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