27 April 2008

Celebrate the Moments of Your Life...

This is the last of coffee related theme posts.  The other day the VOR went down to my Providence based office to purchase some coffee.  She said she wanted to ask them if they had any coffees that tasted like a Viennese Chocolate.  I said no, you should ask: I want a coffee to remind me of that French waiter.  For an idea what I am talking about watch this.

On the topic celebrating the moments in your life.  

1.  While in WV I learned that my mother bowled a 300 or five or six different occasions.  Also when I first entered her house, there in her kitchen was one of those fancy European coffee machines that I saw/experienced at the Toyota dealership.  I yelled sacred scat Mom, I cant believe you have this coffee pot.  My mother also had a bag of Hershey Bliss, why is this a big deal?  While the family was traveling to WV we stopped by Hershey for breakfast and for the kids to get out of the van and run around.  We found a park with a field (where boys were playing lacrosse, one coach kept yelling the play Ohio.  Ohio involved one boy getting the ball(?) then running behind the goal - subsequently losing the ball.  For some reason the coach kept yelling Ohio.)  Now while the kids were playing on the play ground some of the girls (they were waiting for the boys to finish playing so they could) were yapping about life when one of the girls said, 'hey have you all tried the new Hershey Bliss, it is awesome' (I didn't think kids used the word awesome any more, maybe she didn't use that word - perhaps I just think kids still use the language I used as a kid.)

2.  I took #2 to his first baseball game the other day.  He liked the game but was more enamored with the jumbo tron.

3.  When #3 expels human generated flatus he quickly pats his bum and starts talking up a storm ah baba baba drawing our attention to his action, yes he is quite proud of this.

4.  My lawyer nephew has finally surpassed my golfing talent.  We played 9 holes while I was in.  I was impressed with his swing and play, he just needs to get his frustration under control.

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