20 April 2008

#17 and #18

While the family was in West Virginia I was able to complete #17 and #18 off my list.  

#17  Heart Speaks to Heart: Three Gospel Meditations on Jesus by Henri Nouwen (I once heard he referred to J.M. as Just Me, I like that).  This book is Nouwen's meditation on the Sacred Heart, the iconography and art work from this movement gives me the creeps, so when I began the introduction that it was about the sacred heart I almost put it down - but I kept moving on.  I am glad I did.  The book gave me an alternative appreciation for the way Jesus' heart forgives our sins.  

#18  Henry Builds a Cabin by D. B. Johnson.  A kids book, yes a kids a book.  I realize that if I am going to get to a 100, I am going to have to include some of the best kids books I read to our kids. D. B. Johnson is my favorite children's author right now.  I love his stuff, as do our kids.  Anyone that can take the life of Henry David Thoreau, make them into kids books with really great art is high on my list.  

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