07 April 2008

Action Shot

Several weeks ago I promised an action shot me in the new cassock, preaching gown and preaching tabs.  Well here it is in black and white, I figured that would give it a more period look:

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lambertdw said...

I just stumbled onto your blog today, looks interesting. I am something of a high church Baptist myself. I was raised in a moderate Southern Baptist church, back when those existed, but have migrated to the Episcopal Church. Which is a better fit for me and my Catholic wife.

I am big fan of the Geneva gown, and it really looks best with a cassock and tabs. I wish some of our Episcopal clergy would go back to it, at least for Morning Prayer. A tippet goes well with it too.

Of course the Baptist, a good number of the Episcopal, clergy in my rural Alabama county are of the white belt and shoes school.