30 April 2008

#21 and some more sermon notes

Last night I finished #21 of my 10 books for 2008 odyssey, I am still way off target but who knows there are still seven full months to go!  Number twenty-one was The Grand Complication by Allen Kurzweil.  I found the book through a link to a blog from library thing.  I picked the book up at the library, opened the cover and peered onto the back jacket only to discover the author lives in Providence.  

The book: it was a good read.  I am having a dickens of a time reading fiction that is not in the mystery or detective genre.  This book was another mystery, although the protagonist was a reference librarian.  The author did have some fun with wordplay, odd library references, lots of deviling with the Dewey Decimal System along with the proverbial twists and turns.  I would recommend it, I will have to read his first book A Case for Curiosities, several times he slid in that phrase throughout the book.

If anyone is somewhat of a Poe fan, the Providence Journal ran an interesting editorial piece yesterday about Poe's daguerreotype which was taken in Providence.

Sermon writing.  Over the last few weeks I have continued to experiment with my sermon writing by adopting and employing only an outline.  I do not think my sermons have been all that great.  As I greeted congregants as they left on Sunday morning one gentleman told me how much clearer my sermons have been the last few weeks.  Clearer I thought, more like weak in my mind.  As I headed home I gave the gentleman's remark more thought.  I think he was onto something, by adopting an outline  my mind wants to simplify the content because the thick script is not in front of me to turn to.  Indeed this would produce a clearer sermon.  Now the challenge is to produce a well thought out sermon that is as clear as my outline sermons.  

Glad to see some fruit is coming of my experimentation.

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