10 April 2008

The Best Part of Waking Up...

In preparation for the trip to WV, the theobilly household is heading to WV during #1's Spring Break, I stopped by my Providence-based office to purchase three pounds of Narragansett blend coffee for family gatherings.  On my way down Route 146, to what some refer to as the Renaissance city (I prefer the older moniker: the Divine City), I followed the Governor for a couple of miles, he was in the back seat reading the paper - not too sure he was wearing a seat belt though, then again I am not positive it was the Gov., but it was his car, who else has the No. 1 license plate?  

Once I arrived at the coffee shop I waited in line till, seems as though a pack of bicycle messengers had temporarily taken over the establishment, and told the dude behind the counter that I would like to purchase some coffee.  We headed over to the whole bean section. The man who waited on me has waited on me before but did not remember me, I know him to be a likable fellow but perhaps a bit gullible (are not most city folk a bit on the gullible side?).  So when he asked what I would like to purchase, I asked what blends taste like Folgers?  He just looked at me rather dumbfounded, unsure whether to laugh or not, so he just slowly repeated Folgers?  Then I let the cat out of the bag and said give me three pounds of Narragansett.  

While he was weighing the coffee he asked: Do they still sell Folgers?  I am not sure who "they" are but I am pretty sure "they" still sell Folgers, in fact I think that is the coffee of choice for most of my family.  My family used to be strictly Maxwell House clan, but something happened in the mid 90s that changed their preference.   

I asked for Folgers in honor of my dad, whenever I plan to go to WV he is on my mind all the time.  One time, about seven years ago, he went into Dick's Sporting Goods store to look at some shoes.  A clerk approached and asked if he needed any help.  My father held up a pair of sneakers and said he really liked this pair but he wanted a pair with lights on them.  The clerk just looked at him, so dad said yeah with lights, you know the kind that will light up whenever I take a step, shoes just like my grandsons have.  As life in a small town goes, the clerk at Dick's was best friends with a fellow who worked at the hardware store my father frequented.  The clerk from Dick's had been telling everyone about this grown man coming in and asking for shoes with lights in them.  Who knows perhaps the fellow behind the counter at the coffee shop will be telling folk today about the fellow who came in asking for a blend that tastes like Folgers. 

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