08 April 2008

The Study of History, Drinking and Playing Sports & The WV Gazette Endorsement

The other day while I was with the family at the bowling alley, I noticed the vast majority of folk with their clear plastic dixie cups full of brewed hops.  This  phenomena got me thinking: why is it that sports which are geared to individuals: golf, bowling and pool, sports which take an enormous amounts of concentration, are equated with the drinking of beer?  I have never figured that out.  Any thoughts out there?

I was surprised to read the WV Gazette's endorsement of Obama.  

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Ron's Thots said...

I was not surprised by the Gazette endorsement. They are usually pretty good about picking quality folks to recommend for consideration.

They are not into what the community might think of the endorsement as much as they are picking the person to do the best job. I think they made a very wise endorsement. He won't win WV in the Primary of the General, but he is still the right choice.