27 June 2006

This, That and some more of those

In 2004 I was turned onto the John Edwards campaign. I voted for him in the primary and in the general election as the vp candidate. When you look at his life there isnt much to ohh and ahh over, but there is an authenticity of his talk on poverty that strikes me as genuine. What other politician is using poverty, specifically the eradication of it in America as a major part of their persona and campaign? I hope he keeps it it, he hit a nerve that I believe many will respect.

This morning in the Boston Globe there appears an interesting article about an interfaith group challenging Archbishop O'Malley and the Catholic voice in Mass. This brings up an interesting point for me here in RI. The Catholic voice is so strong and so loud here in New England it seems like Protestants, especially left-leaning, Roger Williamsy Protestants, get left out in the cold (abandoned to the other side of the Seekonk).

Hard core politics. It seems an aide for Gov. Carceri and a RI house Leader got into at Smith's Pub yesterday. My kinda politics. America needs more politicians, lobbyists and others getting it on in pubs.

I placed an order for the Book of Common Worship by the Church of Scotland the other day. I received this sentence in their email the other day: "This email is confirmation that your order has now completed and all items have been dispatched to you." Amazon and the rest dont dispatch items, you gotta like the Scots for their use of the English language.


ZeitgeistRover said...

You genuinely believe that there isn't much to ooh and ahh about Edwards' life?

I mean this is, after all, a guy born to a lower middle class household, being the first one to go to college in his family, became one of the best lawyers in America. At the age of 37, he became the youngest member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, which consists of the top 100 lawyers in the country.

He is undisputably considered the best lawyer in the history of the state of North Carolina, one whom lawyers and law students from all over came to witness during big trials.

He lost a 16-year old son, turned to politics, took a daring step to run for a statewide office without any political experience at all. And the rest we all know.

I would say the guy's had a tremendous life - been through great success but has also hit the lowest of lows (the loss of a child, esp. one who has been described as being "inseparable" from his father).

I would say that Edwards' political accomplishments aren't towering, but it is a remarkable life with or without his political career. Don't you think?

And I agree, his focus on poverty is admirable... I hope he keeps hammering on the issue.

theobilly said...

Indeed Edwards does have an interesting life, but it is a story many from Appalachia and the South have to tell. His story is a normal story. Edwards has made a point of not making the death of his son a campaign fact.

My point is that he has more to offer with his ideas and focus on poverty than he does with his personal narrative.

I do want a president who is just like me. I want a person of great ideas, great communication, and ability to fire people up. I think Edwards has a better shot that way.