28 June 2006

Perfect Rainy Day Treat

Just a moment ago I finished a delicious Oat Scone with Devon Clotted Cream and homemade Blackberry Jelly with a cup of Earl Grey Tea.

Here is the recipe for the scone:
.75 cup of oat flour (if you dont have any stick your oats in the food processor and give 'em a whirl)
1.25 cups of regular flour
3 tsps. of baking powder, clabber girl
1tsp of salt
3 tbsps of brown sugar
.25 cup of butter
.50 or more cup of buttermilk
1 egg beaten

mix dry ingredients and cut in butter (I just put some flour and butter in the food processor and have at it). mix buttermilk and egg and mix it in the flous (remember wet into dry). roll into oval looking shape till it is .75 inches high. Cut in triangles, place on baking stone and bake at 400 for 15-18 minutes. I like to add some sugar in a little buttermilk for a splash on top and finish under the broiler till browned.

I found this recipe from Our Daily Bread by Stella Standard. I bought it at book sale a few years ago, great recipe.

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