05 June 2006

Our Second Trip to Jekyll Island

A few Saturdays ago we landed at Jacksonville International Airport via our first Southwest flight. I knew we were in the South immediately once I stepped into the Gas Station to pick up some Rolaids for the wife: beer in the coolers and moonpies by the counter, there was also talk about a "burger dog" but I didnt ask any questions.

We made it to Jekyll Island around 11pm, made our beds in the rental house and went to bed. Sunday morning we tried to find a local joint for breakfast, but then again we werent in New Englnand anymore, all the restaurants were closed for church. So we settled for some grub and went back to the island.

Monday was a beach day. Hug, empty beaches.

Tuesday we went to the Historic District and found the island's oldest Live Oak, at the time of the plaque the tree was 350 years old.

Wednesdya morning I went for a walk on the beach and found some Loggerhead Turtle tracks.

That night we found the best Pork BBQ place on the planet. I had two sandwiches and ribs. The only thing to complain about was that I had to go next door to the 711 for a beer.

We closed the week by renting a surrey bike and rode around the island.

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Mrs. Popping Culture said...

Man. Suddenly I'm starving.