08 June 2006

The Best Muffin in the World, Period.

On our way back from WV last week we stopped in Harrisburg, PA for a nights rest before heading out the next day. Harrisburg is about the halfway point and the home of two good friends, Chad and Kelly (here is an action picture of them)

They are great purveyors of beer and great places to eat in the Capital area. They have never let us down from coffee, tea to dinner. We arrived at the hotel too late for a nightcap so we resolved to meet for breakfast. They suggested that we meet in Hershey and eat at an unnamed destination. They chose The Hershey Pantry, located on 801 East Chocolate Avenue in Hershey, PA.

The place had a great feel right from the beginning. I ordered eggs over easy, bacon and homefries. The eggs yolks were runny, perfect; the bacon was chewy, even better; and the homefries were crunchy and wet (wet from their own moisture not from butter. mmmmmm. Lori, the wife, ordered the #4 Pantry Special: two eggs, two pancakes, home fries, bacon and toast. I suggested that they call it the Pregnant Lady Special, the waitress agreed. What made this special so special was the size of the pancakes, look at these things:

But the highlight for me, mealwise, was the muffin. Along the counter laid about 50 muffins of 6 or 7 different stripes. I immediately migrated to the chocolate chip cream muffin. Chad and Kelly ordered one, it came on a plate all mashed up:
I couldnt for the life of me figure out why they served it on the plate all mashed up. Naturally I ordered one of those chuncks of heaven to go. It came in a nice white pastry box. After we filled up the van with gas I started to work on the muffin. I quickly realized why it was served on a plate, mashed up, and ate with a fork. The muffin is so moist, so sweet and so messy with the whipped cream and cream cheese filling, but oh so delicious.

Thank you Chad and Kelly. We are already planning our next stopover in the 'burg so we can try one of the six choices of stuffed french bread.

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