08 June 2006

High Tea at Our House

On Tuesday afternoon we decided to have high tea. It was a way to avoid thinking about my dad who was meeting with the doctor and a way for the kids to be active without driving the wife crazy since it is the June monsoon season in New England. We made iced tea with simply syrup, garnished with mint leaves from the garden. I picked up some Apricot Scones at Maxie's Bread. Lori also arranged a cheese, grape and cracker tray. It was a great meal and a great time. Easy to do and well worth it.

We first experienced a "real tea" while staying in Savannah a few years ago at the Savannah Tea Room. We were hooked on the Peach/Mango Iced Tea. Our waitress gave us the simply syrup recipe: one part sugar to one part hot water; it is a great way to sweeten tea.

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