21 June 2006


Nine years ago yesterday the wife and I were united in holy matrimony.

This is the story of how we met.

First story: we met at the Drive-In, we had mutual friends who introduced us the summer before I went to college.

Second story: the first time I saw "Lori." One Tuesday morning, around 10:45, I woke up and stumbled outdoors with the hope of finding some breakfast type food in the cafeteria. The school each Tuesday had voluntary chapel, Lori went. As I turned eastward my eyes I saw the siloutte of a lovely figure in a yellow and black plaid skirt and a yellow sweater. I thought who in the hell is that. I quickly discovered it was none other than Lori Kaye White.

We talked some, but mostly chit chat throughout the course of the year. I transferred schools, but we kept in touch. My senior year I worked up the nerve to call this woman and ask her out for a date. We dated, had fun, and before I left for my first year of seminary I proposed to her. She accepted and the following June we were joined. Now nine years, two kids with one just banging to get out, moves to Saluda, VA, Rochester, NY, Athens, WV, and Lincoln, RI, and believe it or not a mini-van, here we are.

Thanks to a great buy at a bookstore I found Scott's Originial Miscellany which informed me that the 9th anniversary is pottery. So while in WV I stopped by Taylor Books and found a wonderful mug from Mud River Pottery.

One note about the day of the wedding, folk at Lori's church were quite put off and couldnt understand why we didnt want the blue florscent light behind the cross turned on. Go figure.

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Mrs. Popping Culture said...

Happy Anniversary!