26 June 2006

Target of Prankster

The church I serve used to have a yearly tradition of staging a grand auction. It was a great success but after a while folk lost interest and the energy to keep it up, therefore, they started holding a grand Yard/Bake/Plant Sale. I love these events, you raise a lot of money selling junk and you get to meet people along the way (I believe they are swell evangelistic events - by that I mean folk get a good feel for the people and makeup of the congregation in a non-threatening way).

Since I have arrived there have been several interesting items.

Year One: A Women's Red Leather Lingere Outfit. (Sold quickly)

Year Two: In the midst of the books on the book table there were several issues of Playb*y and a bottle of aphrodisiac oil/lotion.

Year Three: in the midst of the videos, you'd guessed it, several adult vide*s. Before we discovered all of them someone had already bought a big armful.

When I announced this in the service yesterday a congregant asked: "Do we know anyone in them (the videos)?   the congregation lost it when he asked that - I did too.

This is a fun place to serve. You never know what may happen.

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