19 June 2006

The Garden of Weeden

Take equal parts fertile soil, ample rain, vacationing and emergency traveling gardener, and splash in some sun and you have you a weed paradise. The existence of weeds in the garden this year is almost too much to handle. This morning I just started plugging along, hilling up potatoes. It is late to hill, I know, one should do it when they are six inches tall - not when they are blooming. That's right potatoes actually bloom, it quite a lovely little flower:

Eventually I will be able to weed, hill, hoe and cultivate the garden, it is just so daunting right now.

But in the middle of the weeds there are some graceful blooms.



Although this is not a bloom I still love it. Know what it is? A garlic seed shoot. You cut these off, just like you do on onions, to ensure that most of the growing energy goes towards the bulb and not the seed shoot. If you love raw garlic like me, cut these shoots then suck the moisture from them. It is a delightful smooth garlic essence. But dont even think about trying to get all lovey dovey with your special someone, it just doesnt work. I also like the way they curl up. This one I will leave and let go to seed so i can experiment next year attempting to grow garlic from seed.

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