28 June 2006

Royal Mail vs. USPS

Last week I put in an order for a Book of Common Order published by St. Andrews Press on behalf of the Panel on Worship of the Church of Scotland.
I ordered it on the 20th and received it yesterday on the 27th. That is quite a remarkable delivery turnaround; a package from Edinburgh arrives in Lincoln, RI in 5 days business days. Could the USPS do that? I dunno. Now dont get me wrong I love the USPS; think about it for 39 cents I can send a letter to anywhere in the US and it will get there in about 5 days, that is pretty remarkable.

In my own search for greater worship resources I ordered the book of common order. I think us liturgically minded baptists need to produce our own worship book. There is a great worship book by John Skoglund and Nancy Hall but I think it relies too much on Reformed models and not enough on the English Free Churches and Celtic traditions.

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VitaminBE said...

Oh contraire, for 39 cents WE can get a letter to anywhere in the US in 2-3 days, and a complementary letter from publishers clearing house free.

Aunt K