02 August 2008

Friday Adventures

A couple of weeks ago the VOR and I had a sudden terrible realization: only seven Fridays left in Summer.  So we developed a list of activities we would like to do on Fridays.  Last Friday we went the Harvard Museum of Natural History: it was like an old persons Bass Pro Shop, with all the stuffed animals and aroma of mothballs.  The kids liked it and so did the VOR and I.  The highlight for the kids was the train trip on the T and the spraying fountain outside of the Science Center.  I looked at the VOR and said: we came all the way to Cambridge, MA to play in a sprinkler.

Last night we took the kids to a Paw Sox game.  The kids enjoyed the popcorn, the dippin' dots, cracker jack and lemonade - the game, well you know, however, they did enjoy the music before the batters and the attempts of we will, we will rock you.  

We left in the 5th inning (the longest we have ever stayed for a game).  There were four home runs before we left, which brings me to the central story for this blog.  The last home run we witnessed was a bullet of a hit by a Paw Sox hitter.  The trajectory of the ball had it coming in our direction.  I jumped up in anticipation, but the batter hit a curve ball which made the ball's flight curve also which meant it curved out of my range.  Nevertheless the ball did land about 15 feet behind me and about 15 feet to my immediate right.  A dude, say about 55, was standing there downing a dog and cold one.  As the ball came near he threw down the dog then discarded the beer without a second thought.  

Looking back on the moment, that dude really wanted the ball.  Who else throws down a beer for a baseball?  Dedication, is what its all about.  

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