26 August 2008

DNC Day One Reflections: Confessions

First Confession:  I cried when Old Yeller died (no not that version, this version).

Second Confession:  I cried to the conclusion of Savannah Smiles.  

Third Confession:  I cried as Michelle Obama spoke last night (from the close ups of the crowd, I was not the only one either!)  What an amazing speech.

What about David Brooks' tie last night?  Does the pink symbolize his slight shift over to Obama, after all he was not wearing a red tie.  Think about it folks...

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Ron's Thots said...

I did not cry with Michelle Obama's speech, but my emotions flowed in a powerful fashion when Barak Obama gave his speech last night. Wow, what a speech! Could anyone believe that this man would not make a great president?