04 August 2008

Preaching Headware

Yesterday the church held its service outdoors in the newly completed outdoor chapel.  It was a nice idea and nice time. Luckily the chapel is located in a cedar grove so there is plenty of shade and a nice cool breeze - for everyone that is but the preacher.  I stared out into the crowd squinting for the most part of an hour.  

Before I went to bed last night I noticed a distinct red glare on my forehead and nose.  I was sunburned, from preaching no less.  I bet that has not happened since the Second Great Awakening.  This coming Sunday if the service is outside I vow to do something about the sun: wear a hat.  But what kind?

The Pope wears a hat at outdoor functions:
although this one is a bit over the top for me:
So does the A of C

But what about a Baptist preacher?  I think I found the answer:


darin said...

I'm thinking a Biretta.
Not a lot of protection for the face, but it would look very clerical.

susan s. said...

Here from Anglobaptist's blog.
The mitre is never worn while preaching, so that's out, even for a baptist!
Perhaps a parosol attached to the pulpit would work better than anything. Or one of those garden umbrellas. They give good coverage. ;-)