23 August 2008

Comb Over Come of Age?

Now that Mr. Obama (Obi Wan, this is the closest I can come to a Mareen Dowd type moniker) has chosen Mr. Biden (Chewbacca?) how will Mr. Biden's presence do for the comb over?  Will America see more or less of the comb over in the next few months?  

If Kennedy was the paradigm shift for men no longer wearing hats in public, will Biden be the paradigm shift for overt and comical attempts to hide baldness?  

If McCain does pick Romney as his VP, what a hair match-up that will be in the VP debate: I'll take Chewbacca over Richie Rich any day.  

If after the DNC you see lots of men without caps, proudly sporting their comb over, watch out McCain!  

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