14 August 2008

Its a Lone, Lonely World: By the Numbers

For several years I have been bemoaning the lack of clergy my age.  Every meeting, function or official denominational activity I am the youngest by at least a generation.  I knew there were not that many other colleagues within the ABC, but now, thanks to the Lewis Center, I have some #s to back me up.

ABC-USA clergy under 35:  247  which amounts to a grand percentage of 5.10% of pastors aged: 20-70.  5.10% not exactly an overwhelming # folks...

My plan is for the ABC to reinvest in youth ministry along with college/campus ministry.  If I were a admission officer in the northeast I would focus my efforts in the southeast where there are stronger relations between local churches and campus pastors, (but none of the recruitment folk I talk to pay much attention to my ideas.)

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hawk said...

We have 400 under 40. I think I know them all. Also, we haven't given up on campus ministry. I think our problem is we've given up on believing in God.