11 August 2008

Robert Burns redux

This weekend we all learned that hairdo had an affair.  On the one hand I am disappointed, he was my initial pick for president.  But on the other hand, it does not come as a surprise -- anytime a political candidate makes her/his biography the centerpiece be ready for a let down.  Human beings are well...human beings, none are perfect (except for John Woolman, he is perhaps one of the few).  In tribute to Edwards I played This Is No My Ain Lassie this afternoon while practicing my fiddle.  I suppose I feel the most pain for Elizabeth Edwards, she is way too smart and savvy for John. 

In other news, the Boston Globe is reporting how lead, depending on where you live and age of your house, can turn up in your backyard gardens.  Just what I needed to hear.  Talk about sins of the fathers...

The mystery of preaching continues to elude me.  On Sunday I went into the pulpit with a 3 x 5 card which had three sentences on it.  After the sermon one member said it was the best I have ever preached.   oh well...  While I am on the topic of preaching, nice piece by Religion and Ethics Newsweekly a while back on Gardner Taylor.  I looked up the British pastor he mentions, Alexander McLaren, thanks to technology several of his books can be found on the google digitized library. My initial read of his sermons intrigues me.  For more of McLaren's books go to Harvard Divinity School's library and search there, better links to his digitized works.

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