29 July 2008

I Can Breathe in a Small Town...

Saturday was a normal day here in country/suburban (the official description and moniker of my abode), in all the normalness I was reminded of how much of a small town it is.

First episode:  while mowing the grass my neighbor came over and asked me to help move a tree.  Not your usual request.  So I shut off the Gravely (I was mowing the three garden plots I did not plow this year) and moseyed over to have a looksee.  Sure enough a rotted tree had fell across the road.  While timbering towards the ground the tree nipped the electric wire and knocked it off the pole.  The wire fell a few feet, touched the dusktodawn lamp, causing one helluva spark and loud POP.  (Needless to say several homes were then without power, including yours truly).  

While my neighbor and I moved the tree all of the folk on the road came out to ascertain the whereabouts of the commotion.  They all inspected the tree and the electric wire and they all volunteered to call the electric company, some called the town and others called the police.  For about one half an hour the little street I live on was quite the place to be with the flashing lights, nosy passerbys and corralled neighbors.  Small town indeed.  Who would have thought a dead tree could cause such a commotion.

Second instance, later on that day I took the kids and walked down to the SEVN to exchange cucumbers for eggs, fair enough.  I was especially excited about the egss b/c earlier that day I had purchases a pound of locally raised bacon (tasted more like a pork chop than well seasoned bacon).  While hauling the kids the 200  yards from my door to the SEVN door a large white vehicle came slowly came to a stop at the end of the road.  I looked at the navigator and quickly recognized him as a church member whom I last saw in the hospital.  So in the middle of the road, with kids in two (literally in a wagon) I had a church "visit" discussing the called off marriage, paralyzation of legs, and new living arrangements.  While conducting this visit I also saw two other church members drive by and honk the horn.  Small town indeed.

On the topic of small town, yesterday while going to the Always on Sale store (see side bar for link) I learned the manager lives within 200 yards of my house...

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