15 July 2008

McCain's VP choice and another possible pick for Obama

I have thought long and hard about who should complete the McCain ticket, and now I am ready to reveal my first choice for Mac's vice presidency:  The Big Tuna - that's right Bill Parcells.  Can you imagine the press conferences?  Can you imagine the impact of ESPN actually covering a presidential election, this could be huge people.  If McCain choose Parcells first then who would Obama pick?  Not a problem:  Randy Macho Man Savage.  If anyone could go toe to toe with the Big Tuna in a debate it would have to be the Macho Man.

While I was in WV I conducted very casual and unscientific poll concerning the presidential election.  Most of my family and friends are Democrats, Dems of the conservative ilk.  My casual poll started something like this: "So what do you think about the presidential race this year... "  Then most would start by saying how disappointed they were that the Dems were having a black as their candidate.  This thought made me think long and hard about who Obama could choose that may aid his chance for the presidency.  Please note this is a realistic opinion and not an idealistic one, I am aiming for a Democratic win here folks.  My choice is Chuck Hagel.  Why?  He may be the only white male who could convince most Appalachian whites to vote for Obama.  Why?  Many could justify that they were not voting for Obama, they were voting for Hagel, think about this for a moment...

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