03 November 2008

Wedding Recap

The First Family packed up the van and headed south on Thursday morning.  

Day One.  We tried the Merritt Parkway, a non-commercial truck route that parallels I-95 through a good part of CT.  I thought it was great, almost like luxury lanes, the art deco over passes were neat to look at too.

When we crossed into Delaware I asked the toll booth operator how come there was not a huge picture of Joe Biden welcoming us.  She quickly responded, I guess cause this aint his living room.  I still cannot get over the speed of her response.

As we approached DC the traffic went from pancake batter to mashed potatoes, we slowly trudged through till Fredericksburg then coasted on into Richmond.  We planned to dine at Mexico but settled for Chick-Fil-A.  Gas price in Richmond: $2.03.

Day Two.  Woke up early and went to Hardees for some sausage biscuits.  After getting the kids, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law ready it was time for lunch.  Being Halloween I had hoped to eat lunch then head over to the Poe Museum and read The Raven, but lunch was about all we could handle.  The choice: Bottom's Up Pizza.  Great meal.  

By the time we got back to the hotel and took a nap it was time for the rehearsal.  The wedding took place at a country club, directly across the street was a matching Presbyterian Church. How many Baptist churches are next to swanky country clubs?  There are times...

Day Three.  The wedding.  Beautiful day, #2 was all snazzed up in a tuxedo.  He wanted to keep it, after all #1 got to keep her dress!  #1 was absolutely beautiful the VOR and I could not get over how grown up she looked.  
The bride's mother's family were Jewish so as my part of the service wrapped up, a family member from Russia came forward to sing a blessing (in Hebrew) for the mazel tov.  I have to admit, the mazel tov is a great tradition, more meaningful than the lighting of the unity candle. After the couple smashed the glass I looked at the cantor who then looked at me and said you think I should pick it up?  I just smiled, he smiled back and said I can't -- no work on the Sabbath.  We both had a good laugh.  (the following morning the VOR and I learned that #2 was very upset that moms and dads did not come and pick him and the other kids in the wedding up over the broken glass)

After the wedding the festivities really picked up (literally, the bride and groom were picked up): Russian and Jewish party!  There was so much vodka being consumed by some people I wondered how they were even standing.  Here is a difference between cultures.  My father always said that once an alcoholic starts drinking vodka then the end is near.  (This has been proven true in at least 2 cases that I have witnessed) But in Russian culture I suppose that is not the case.  There were no inhibitions with the dancing and celebration, our kids loved the dances and so did we.  

Day Four: the drive home.  Gas prices in Richmond: $1.96.  Long drive home, no traffic, very tired and glad to be heading back home.  

I chose not to take my laptop with me, thinking I would be too busy to use it much.  I could not get over how addicted I had become to political news.  I am glad for tomorrow, I am wondering if productivity across the country spikes after the election.  

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