29 October 2008


Getting ready for our big trip to Richmond, VA this weekend -- Argamenmom (inside joke) is getting married.  I will be officiating at the service, #1 is a flower girl and #2 is a ring bearer.  We are expecting a long trip but will be fine.  Hard to believe Family Member (another inside joke) will be getting married.  I first met him at a basketball game between Alderson Broaddus College and West Virginia State University (then College) on the campus of WVSU.  Bryan was there with his mom, I was there to watch the game with the future VOR (her and Bryan's mom, aka Postmistress on this blog, were there too).  The VOR convinced the 7th grader that I played unrecallable, at the moment, collegiate sport; he believed it.  Should I tell this during the wedding  sermon (oh yeah, for reasons unbeknownst to me I am not sure they realize I will be giving a wedding sermon).  

In preparation The VOR has readied a slew of prizes, work books, crayon caddies, books and such for the kids.  My assignment is more utilitarian: oil changed, luggage moved, gas, atm, and last minute supplies (while writing it just hit me: does the VOR deliberately want me out of the house while she packs?) 

The VOR and I are excited to be back in Richmond, food wise we get to eat at two of our favorite restaurants: Mexico and Gelati Celisti.  

While on the topic of preparation last night I was listening to the Magnificat by J.S. Bach with Advent and Christmas in mind.  As the first cd was about to close a beautiful organ solo was piping.  I asked #2, what do you think of this music: it is spooky dad, I don't like it.  The Magnificat as spooky?

Now to some four letter words voiced by #3.  Pums = pumpkins.  Wawa = water.  Mups = The Muppets.

And finally, last night #s 1 & 2 asked how long our bodies stay in the ground when we die.  I said for a good while, till Jesus comes to get us.  #2 asked how fast Jesus could move.  I said pretty fast.  He thought long and hard and then said hmph even faster than me, and went on his way.  

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