07 October 2008

Resume Building

First off let me tell those who are not in New England, it is cold today. How cold? I had to reheat my coffee three times before finishing!

Second, a first today. Someone called wanting a copy of Sunday's sermon. I have printed versions available as folk leave the service; folk have taken them. When they are not printed a couple of times folk have asked for copies. But I have never had someone call and ask for a copy on a Tuesday.

What I want to share next is somewhat related to tonight's sermon. If you can travel back to the 1988 Republican primary. This was the year I officially started following politics (13 years old). For me it was the apex of SNL political satire. During one of the sketches Jack Kemp was asked how he would balance the budget, he responded by saying that in football he gave 110%, so he would do the same with the budget since he would have an extra 10% to work with. Then they asked Pat Roberston (played by Al Franken) for his qualifications he had to be president. He said he had mowed peoples grass while they were on vacations, walked neighbors dogs and even gave driving directions to people.

Now to me. This week I received word that I will be a recipe taster for Peter Reinhart's new bread baking book. All you had to do was sign-up. But what a resume builder: Recipe Taster. I plan to bake the bread on Saturday night then let the congregation taste and give feedback. I am looking forward to this.

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