21 October 2008

Language Lessons, installment #4

The way kids ask questions, sound out first time phrases and questions of metaphors is the subject of this post.

1. Today I was asked by the VOR to go and pick up #1. I marked my spot in the book I was reading and walked over. #1 located me with a tinge of disappointment then looked down the walk and saw the VOR with #3 and took off running. I received neither a hug nor a look of thanks. When I caught up with the three of them I asked the standard question: what am I chopped liver? #1 looked at me and asked, 'what's chopped liver?' Good question. If she was talking about chicken or even turkey liver then I would be all over that. In fact, I love to cook the organs of the turkey and crush the liver in the pot, then spoon it up on some bread.

To the next situation.

2. On Friday #2's school had a Ho-Down complete with bails of hay and the like; #2 was very pleased with the events. As we walked to the vehicle, #2 looked up at me and said the next time the school has a low-down #2 would very much like to go. #2 then looked up and asked when is the next low-down dad. Another good question.

And finally.

3. Today #3 woke up with a mild cold. After awakening from #3's nap a slight hoarseness could be detected in #3 voice. The VOR asked #3 do you have a frog in your throat. #3 said no, Frog on arm.

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