20 November 2008

A Pilgrim's Progress

Yesterday I was an official chaperon for #1's class trip to Plimouth Plantation. In preparation for the event I told #1 that I would cause great trouble on the bus singing songs, have kids pull my finger, and tell great stories to those around me. This news mortified #1, #1 begged and begged me not too (of course I was not going to do this). But I did think it would be interesting if I could stump the role players with some trickery Elizabethan questions. I employed the internet for this service but all I could find was the Elizabethan Insult Generator. I did not think it would proper to call someone a Lumpish Fly-Bitten Giglet.

A report of the trip:
We arrived at the school ready and willing. The kids ran around the room for a good 15 minutes then headed for the bus. I was graced with a seat all to myself. (It has been years since I rode a school bus. I was amazed at the lack of leg room, none at all). I did not cause a ruckus on the bus, but I was able to talk to #1's teacher and get the low down on #1's performance, just as I suspected: wonderful.

Once we arrived we watched a short film then headed off to the plantation sites. We had approximately one hour to explore the English Village. We ran from house to house amazed at the sights and sounds and...smells. We were able to stop one actor to ask him about toilet paper (the kids wanted to know.) The actor, however, was "back" in 1627, way before the Scott brothers invented toilet paper. So I framed the question: the young lady would like to know how one might cleanse themselves after the usage of the chamber pot? The actor smiled and then commenced to tell us that they used rags or leaves. I suggested corn husks, he said mmm rather coarse. I agreed.

Next we wondered around the gardens of each dwelling. I showed the kids the different herbs and invited them to try a sage leaf. Most would not do it, then I said come on it tastes like sausage -- that did it, they all tried the sage leaf. The story, however, quickly progress/evolved to one child telling his mother that he just tried a sausage plant. Oh brother.

After the village it was time to get back on the bus and head back to school.

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