06 November 2008

Recipe of the Day

The VOR and I purchased a winter share of a local CSA.  Our decision caused great consternation in our hearts.  We love going to the farm market on Saturday mornings but the schedule with the kids on Saturday mornings make getting to the farm market nearly impossible.  So we joined the CSA.  The farm offers 5 pick ups of well...fall vegetables.  We now have a pantry full of winter squash.  The other night I roasted one of the small bowling ball sized bright orange squashes and then mashed it as a side offering.  

While driving to Richmond a chef on NPR discussed a dish of roasted winter squash with blue cheese crumbled on top, sounded delicious.  Last night the VOR took the mashed squash, added an egg, some salt and pepper and made a mashed squash pancake.  After frying them she added blue cheese on top and viola an instant delicious offering!

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