21 November 2008

Why the Nation Is In A Financial Mess

While reading the NY Times the other day I was struck by a certain advertisement of a major US based bank. The ad was promoting this particular bank's retirement rollover program. I stared at the ad for some time and realized why our nation is in the financial mess it is in. The mess has nothing to do with government regulations, greedy financiers, or even risky homeowners. The mess we are in stems from financial institutions, newspaper advertising agents, marketers, and readers who fail to see what is in front of them. Case in point, the ad in our nation's major news publication:

Take a good look, what does the posed woman look like she is about to do? Come on, you see it. The woman looks like she is about to let one rip!

You may say ah come on, you say that because you have three kids. Indeed, the lingua franca at my house is potty talk - any conversation (I mean any) can all to easily segue into a giggle spout about flatulence, but I asked the elderly women at bible study on Tuesday and the gang at fiddle class and all agreed (without any prompting) on my conclusion.

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