03 November 2008

Prediction: Obama 56 McCain 42 Barr 2

I came up with my prediction # a few days ago while sitting listening to a concert a last week.  I think this will be the final result.  My hunch comes from polling, not from television, but from conversations with folk.  I have tried to talk to people from a wide spectrum of ideas and views on life.  Overall most share a hope for Obama, the remainders share a hope for McCain.  

The family and I are excited about election day, no school for one thing.  We will vote first thing and then off to breakfast (if the lines are long we will reverse the schedule).  We have a lot of fun talking with the poll workers (we know most of them, there is the usual banter about town life and such), talking with the folk in line (they are neighbors after all) and I love running the campaign vehicles out of the church parking lot (the church is next to the school which is next to the polling place).  The kids enjoy looking and reading the ballot and then sticking it in the machine that seems to suck it in.

I do wonder what my days will be like now without the usual scan of blogs, news feeds, polls, and youtube postings.  

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