04 November 2008


During lunch the family and I headed over to the polling place to vote.  We had planned to go after breakfast but we did not have time.  There are around 1100 people in the precinct and almost half had already voted.  Usually most folk vote after work.  I expect there a high voter turnout for today.  Since the polling place is next to the church I have been amazed at how many young people are voting.  They walk around with a glow and that dumb look in their eyes from never voting before - quite an amazing spectacle.  I do not know how the votes will turnout but with a tight state Senate and town administrator race I suspect folks are coming out in droves all over town.  I will be anxiously looking this evening for #s.  

I have used the opportunity to have several pastoral visits today.  As folk walk by or stop by the church several meaningful conversations have taken place.  Plus it is 60 degrees and beautiful.

Good time to read now.

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