27 July 2007

Took Them to Get Their Ears Lowered

Seeing that #3 is one now and seeing that he has yet to have his haircut I rounded up 1-3 and took them to the barber. (No, I do not take my daughter to a barber to get her haircut, but she insists on going - he gives them a lollipop).

#3 sat in my lap while Jim attempted to give him a haircut. #3 is really ticklish so he had a hard time tracking him down with scissors and comb in hand. #2 wanted a buzz cut, so he got one. I'll go next week.Its the best I can do, #3 does not like to stay still. If no one holds him, he goes after the camera and the photographer!


Woody said...

I stumbled on to your blog this morning,,You hooked me. I went way back in your posts and wanted to comment on so many. It's nice to laugh, think and pray.

theobilly said...


thanks for the comment. Glad you stumbled onto the blog. The pig on your blog looks beautiful. I tried to raise a pig a couple of years ago, zoning ordinances...