16 July 2007

Its Monday, what else can you say

L. R. Bapt. averages around 45-50 folk for summer worship. I felt like changing the summer pattern up a bit and decided to focus on the stories from 1 and 11 Kings. In order to spice it up we have sword drills (someone should offer a wikipedia entry on sword drills, (amazing that these folk never grew up with them, also amazing that they have trouble each week finding I and II Kings) and I provide a Hebrew word (great free Hebrew and Greek fonts here) for the week. So far they have ate it up.

Yesterday I was just about to introduce the Hebrew word for the day (I think a Mortimer Pen would be great to have for this) when a lady, a guest from our neighboring UCC congregation, passed out and started to drool. We called the rescue and all of that, when she came to she felt better and said it was my sermon...

Last night I finished a biography of Gene Tunney. He was my father's favorite boxer, even though he retired from boxing a good generation before dad was even born! My great-uncle, by marriage, Harry Ellis was a prize fighter in West Virginia and other parts. He too loved Tunney and passed his love on down to dad, who passed it down to me. I believe the first book I read from cover to cover just for fun was Tunney's first autobiography. Tunney was not your average brawler, he was a real boxer - smart, athletic and strategic, well worth your reading pleasure.

This morning I was able to finish James Forbes' Beecher Preaching Lectures titled: The Holy Spirit and Preaching. Good book, I believe his writing was a little scattered, but lots to digest on the presence of the Holy Spirit in the pastoral life.

This morning I was also able to eat a bowl of oats with fresh peaches. True they are hard as rocks this time of year, but if you peel and slice them and immediately put them on hot oats they cook and soften up nicely. Try it...

I found that you can search the entire NRSV at oremus, I've used this before but for some odd reason it slipped my mind.

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