14 July 2007

An Anglican Over-Soul

The other day I was finally able to bird-dog down the 1996 New Yorker profile of Peter Gomes, by Peter Boynton, the minister of Memorial Church of Harvard. In the interview Rev. Gomes described himself as a Baptist with an "Anglican Over-Soul." Wow, if that aint the coolest way to describe oneself I dont know what is.

His description is exactly what I have been searching for.

I love Rev. Gomes, he is an American Baptist, he wears three-piece suits, also adorns himself with a dog collar style clerical garb, on Sunday morning he wears the "low" Anglican style of a cassock with a gown and preaching tabs, he smokes a pipe and cigars, uses multi-syllabic words, preaches well over 20 minutes and carries a high view of the preaching practice. He has definitely inspired me to take my sermons more seriously, to remain baptist, and to cultivate an Anglican Over-Soul. I only seek to wed together more of the pre-Revivalistic New England Baptist presence with the evangelistic rough house Appalachian Baptist tradition. If I can figure out how to do this with the Ang. O-S, watch out...

My hero other than Gomes for this method is the Rev. James Manning, first president of Brown University. His portrait, with preaching tabs, give creedance to my desire to wear them as an authentic baptist style.I figure the A-Ber will appreciate Rev. Gomes' moniker.

On the topic of Baptist self-esteem, I was delighted to read Rev'd Amy Butler's appreciation of her baptist walk.


Tripp Hudgins said...

You're right. That is perfect. I recently described myself thusly... "Sort of Jimmy Carter baptist with a generous sprinkle of Anglican 'flava.'" But I prefer what Gomes says.

Unknown said...

I need to find a source of the Geneva bands, can you provide one.

G. Travis Norvell said...

unknown go to wippell http://www.wippell.com/ give them a call or an email and they will mail you a catalog. the bands come in sets of three. they are the only place i know of that sells them. tell them you found them from me. i'm curious if they will ever give me a discount for sending business.