13 July 2007

A Friend from High School making it as musician

Back in high school a friend of mine: Charles Dodrill, a red-headed Presbyterian, straight A, artistic wahzoo, popular and a tight end who could catch anything you could throw at him. We went to different colleges and our separate ways. I always saw him as going to Princeton Seminary and making it as a great liberal mainline Presbyterian pastor. But his path was different, he was a monk for sometime, learned how to play the guitar, worked at some more evangelistic churches in the south and mid-west and somewhere along the way he became a christian musician. I dont know what exactly to make of this. But I got to say that his lyrics and music and purpose are alright. So far he is playing at campus events, churches and coffee houses (as far as I can tell). But I think he would fit in just about any venue.

Charlie Dodrill

his blog link is under the living room category.

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