12 July 2007

Overheard Yesterday Evening at the Creamery

About once a week we go down to the Lincoln Creamery, the locally owned ice cream shop. Last night, after the wife and kids got their selections, I waited to pay and receive my order of a hot fudge sundae with cookie dough ice cream, caramel sauce, malted milk, heath bar bits, nut, and whipped cream (if you're gonna get ice cream you might as well go all out) - back to the story - as I waited I heard a kid, presumably 12, say I now understand that Bert Reynolds wants to be known as Turd Ferguson.

I busted out laughing as I recalled the SNL episode. But then I looked at the kids father with a look of how in the hell does that kid know about Turd Ferguson? I was amazed at the seriousness of the kids demeanor, I believe he really thought Bert Reynolds wants to be called Turd Ferguson.

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