03 July 2007

New Postage

While searching for a title the other day I discovered that Peter Reinhart has a blog! This guy has written amazing books on bread: Brother Juniper's Bread Book, Crust and Crumb, The Bread Baker's Apprentice and American Pie. He has also written a spiritual autobiography/bread baking book: Bread Upon the Waters. I love his writings, his recipes and approach to bread making.

I discovered him by chance while perusing the new books at the library. Then I found out he taught at Johnson and Wales mothership here in Providence. But by the time I found him he had moved south to one of their satellite campuses in Charlotte, NC.

So click on over to: peter reinhart's blog and see what the dude has to say.

Over the weekend a piece in the West Virginia Gazette told about Kathy Mattea's new project titled Coal. While perusing her page I noticed a link to the NPR program Living on Earth. LOE has a great section of stories on the Coal Industry. If you go to Mattea's web page you can listen to her interview on LOE. I must express my deep gratitude for Mattea's willingness to speak out against Mountain Top Removal, ie mountain death; she is one of if not the only mainstream musician to speak out. As the they say here in Rhode Island: Good for you.

While you are on the Living on Earth page you must, and I again I say you must listen to the story of the Mortage Lifter Tomato. I have six of them in the garden this year. We will see how they do.

The garden is coming along. Tomatoes and Potatoes are doing great, finally harvested some peas yesterday with #1 and #2. We've had a salad with our lettuce, so did the rabbits. I should resow some but haven't yet. French Breakfast Radishes are delicious. Onions and shallots look good so far. Winter squash is up and almost ready to run. #1's Black Eyed Susans look absolutely fabulous, i'll post a picture later.

The hot water heater went yesterday. Two steps forward one step back here at the church. We surpassed our goals for the concert series and yard sale by about $500. Then the hot water/furnace went. So we are now $6,000 in the hole. But God has pulled this congregation out of worse circumstances, God will see us through this one too. This episode brings to mind how diligent the wife and I are going to have to be when we do finally own our own home. We'll have to plan and budget a portion each year for the eventual replacement of appliance and emergency home repairs.

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