31 July 2007

House and Senate Energy Bills Covered in Soot

For a fleeting moment last year I was excited about the Democratic switch of the House and Senate. I thought that the Energy Policies of the new leadership party would support more earth friendly ways. But that all changed when I saw the prominent proposals of coal in both the House and Senate bills. The House wants to pass a bunch of bills this week before their summer hiatus. The Energy bill is a big part of their goals for the week.

Speaker Pelosi seems set on forming a unified bill with broad support, therefore, she is including clean coal technology in the bill. Recall that clean coal is an oxymoronic statement, there is nothing clean about coal! The Senate bill, which will come after the summer break will too contain clean coal, and coal-t0-liquid language. This morning's papers all lead with a story of how Pete Domenici of NM is sponsoring language for billion dollar loans for nuclear and presumably coal industries.

The fight goes on...

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