24 January 2006

Still Full

I woke up this morning still full from the meal last night, great meal. I just wish I didnt feel so stuffed 12 hours later. The wife, who is expecting, was hungry by 9:30 - those babies really eat lots in the womb.

The other day the wife went to Home Goods and bought some new flannel sheets. I liked our old ones, but they didnt fit the bed properly and they had all kinds of fuzzballs on them. The new sheets are so soft and warm I never want to get out of bed in the morning.

Today there is Bible Study at the Retirement Center, then a hospital visit then a visit with the midwife, after that I hope to pick out some office furniture from IKEA to finally complete my office rennovations.

A church member stopped by the office this morning to tell me how much of a kick he and his wife got out of the church bulletin last week. It read No B.S. on Tuesday, supposed to say No Bible Study on Tuesday.

Want some neat Celtic Cards or Notebooks? Ninth Wave Designs I have ordered several cards from there, good stuff.

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