03 January 2006

Robe Shopping

After my first year at CRDS the Rev. Peter Gomes of Harvard Memorial Church and Harvard Divinity School deliverd the commencement address. I was amazed at the sound, tempo and dress of that preacher. After the service he stood at the back of the church and greeted everyone who exited. I slowly approached and admired such fabulous clerical garmets.

Upon graduation, wanting to further myself from any form of boring mainlinism, I purchased an white alb. I like my alb, it looks good on me. But I have to admit the thought of a Geneva gown with preaching tabs exictes me.

I am in the market for a black gown with preaching tabs, but am having a hard time locating just the robe I desire. I have contacted some friends around the country and emailed a seminary president I saw in Christian Century who wore the style I like. I even contacted some London tailors for some info.

I hope to arrange a meeting with Rev. Gomes this Spring, hopefully his schedule will permit him to lead an Advent workshop for some local clergy in the Fall, perhaps in the course of our conversation I can inquire where he purchases his wears.

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