09 January 2006

Sago Baptist Church

Last year dad and I went to Sago to look for some gravestones of family members. We went to the cemetary beside the Sago Baptist Church, we went across the Buckhannon River to see an old a family home and drove around the Sago Mine.

I had the same emotional experiences that all y'all had. In the midst of all that tragedy it was nice to see a small beacon of light beaming from the Sago Baptist Church.

It is not a big church, last summer it only met on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. But last week it was a much bigger and active church. I think it served the community well and provided a great witness for all who watched. Between those four walls folk cried, folk rejoiced, folk lamented, folk cursed, folk passed out and folk cried their eyes out - all within the four walls of Sago Baptist Church.

The Record Delta, the weekly newspaper of Buckhannon, ran this piece in today's paper. I would like to continue reflecting the way Sago Baptist Church witnessed as a sanctuary.

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