23 January 2006

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (and Women) but this one is about a fellow WV

The Providence Journal ran a nice piece in the Saturday paper about The Rev'd James C. Miller, retired pastor of First Baptist Church in America.

I really like Jim. He grew up in WV, went to Alderson Broaddus College (I spent a year there, the wife graduated from there) and then went on to Colgate Rochester Divinty School, my alma mater. On top of this he pastored the Lake Avenue Memorial Baptist Church, the church that ordained me in the summer of 2002.

Jim showed me that you can be a hillbilly, an educated hillbilly, and you can "make it" as a Baptist pastor in some of the most prestigious pulpits in America. Thanks for your presence and stories. I look forward to some future walks and talks with Jim.

I dont have a drink in my hand right now, but i will soon (the wife and I are going on a date) and will happily tip in honor of Jim.

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