27 January 2006

The Gaylus

When my grandfather was 24, in 1925, years old he embarked on a secret project: to make a violin; he named it "The Gaylus." I dont know where he came up with name, how much he played it or what he thought of it; he died the year before I was born.

Jump to 2005 when I resolved to learn how to play this instrument. I took it to Karl Dennis's shop a couple weeks back. perhaps you saw his picture. If you look to the left hand side you will be able to see his assitant Trish slaving over a violin. I knew she was in the picture but couldn't see her, the light was hiding her. Now she gets her full due credit.

I picked up the fiddle and came home and took this picture:

A note on the table. We bought our kitchen table while we were in Rochester at a antique shop. after we bought the table the man, our age, asked if we wanted to come in the back and hang out. we didnt. two weeks later the shop was closed, cleaned out and gone - no foolin'.

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Tripp Hudgins said...

Nice fiddle. And that is an odd story. I wonder what happened.